Eight Hundred Sixty…

This 1975 Ducati bevel cam drive 860 has been overhauled by Bryan Heidt.


Heidt, spending the last 8 years at Fuller Moto as a fabricator and designer, found a bike that Fuller had picked up a few years before but no plans for and proposed a joint build.


The 860 engines use a 750 L-twin as a base mated with two Ducati 450 single-cylinder engine’s sleeves and pistons. With quality Dell’Orto carburetors, the engine was good as it was, but needed a rebuild.


Heidt also had the engine and carbs media blasted to ensure it ran as good as new.


Custom stainless pipes end in a pair of reverse megaphone mufflers.


The Benelli tank is a beautiful piece as it is but in order to set the bike apart he cut into it and subtly adjusted the lines.


Heidt then hand-formed an aluminum tail and added a beautiful upholstered solo seat.


The electrics were upgraded with a stator from a 900 Super Sport, xenon headlight, and lithium-ion battery.


The handling dynamics of this bike has been altered dramatically with GSX-R front end, Sport Classic front hub and a KLR650 rear hub laced to supermoto rims, and an R-6 mono-shock conversion.


Add to this smaller details such as a trimmed Monster 800 fender, a pair of GSX-R rear sets, and the hand fabricated body work and you realize how much of a Frankenstein’s monster this bike really is.


The tank and tail has been painted in a dark graphite Mercedes-Benz metallic with classic Ducati graphic by Joe Patterson at JDK and Chastin Brand.


After four years of work the end result is way beyond what he first envisaged. Both visually and performance wise.


Heidt named it Cavallo Nero, ‘dark horse’.


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