Tomos Ride…

Tomos have been around for years, running a simple 50cc two-stroke to a chain drive, telescopic suspension up front and swing arm with twin shocks out back. Basic but effective.


It’s a lightweight at only 55kg, and the integrated tank in the frame makes for clean, stylish lines on an otherwise typical moped setup. The kickstart is by peddle style, with a center stand and a steering head lock for security. The combination of 16″ wheels and ample travel suspension make for a fairly smooth ride while the centrifugal clutches automatically change gears for you.


Scott of Innocent Industries has kept things simple and classic, the frame has been polished back to a mirror finish chrome with matte black paint being limited to the engine and side covers.


The matte black side covers have been chopped to flow with the lines of the rear fenders, and the chain guard has been removed as the side covers offer ample protection on this solo ride. The original saddle seat has been replaced with a lower, sleeker, handmade retro ‘breadbox’ seat with three layers of varying density foam for comfort. A small oil can big enough for two full ups of the two-stroke oil is tucked up under the back seat out of sight.


The original old-style bicycle bars have been changed out for flatter, lower, 30″ speed bars that are comfortable and offer ample control at speed. The headlight has been switched to a version II streamlined chrome unit with integrated speedo and fuel light.


This makes for a perfect companion in life for enjoying running in and out of and around town or anywhere you want to go.


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