Resurrection of a gentleman…

Over the past decade the custom scene has embraced the scrambler. Slowly, the manufacturers have playing catch up. Triumph and Ducati are most notable, with BMW, Yamaha and Honda jumping in too.

One of the debatably most elegant creations at EICMA this year has been from Fantic Motors. They have resurrected the Caballero name. And in a way unlike the others.

While the big name manufacturers have mostly built around the now standard 800, 900, 1200 capacity engines, Fantic have stayed true to the 70’s and kept small. All that weight and power make for compromise in dirt. Though the Ducati Scrambler I rode through the wilderness of Canada is a wild and slim beast, that is now offered with a 403cc engine, there are still compromises with starting big and going small.

The new Caballero is more of a modern, though simple, dirt bike wearing vintage-style scrambler or flat track clothes. The style and detail is beautifully Italian. Treviso in Venice were allowed free reign to bring beauty to capability.

With an old style backbone chromoly frame, aluminum swingarm, 41mm inverted fork and rear mono-shock that are both fully adjustable, it’s base is straightforward and modern.

Engines range from 125, 250 and 450cc are sourced from Minarelli-Yamaha, and use a beautiful high mount Arrows exhaust ending in twin pipes. The brakes are sufficient and will likely have ABS. Overall weight is expected to be not too much over 100kg depending on the engine.

The red scrambler stands with 17/19 inch wheels, of 110 and 140 width tyres. While the black flat track has 19 inch up front and back in 130 and 140 width tyres. Both have different seats and bars appropriate to the styles, and the colour schemes only accent the 15 liter tank.

These bikes are purposeful and elegant. Back-to-basics 70’s scramblers in the true form of lightweight, go anywhere bikes.

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