Enter the Wild…

From a place of pilgrimage and wild clifftops emerged a group all out on their own. The bikes are… Deconstructed. Absurd. Beautiful.

Only when you take a bike to a track do we really need to start talking about trap speed, corner speed, and peak horsepower. On the streets, dusty roads, and wilderness a bike is more about the ride, the experience, how it makes you feel. These bikes express it from their mechanical souls.

Riders over the years have come back to focus on this, and that’s where people like David Borras come in. He is not born from racing, or heir to a custom kingdom, just someone with a passion. And that passion is not only his. He and his wife, Valeria Libano, created this. And El Solitario itself is more than him, more than the family and friends, it’s an idea.

David and Valeria started developed the lifestyle they wanted. And the clothing, culture, events, and bikes that went along with it. Starting big, not small, pumping out bike after bike…

The Big Bad Wolf, a Yamaha track monster. Petardo, a crazy eyed 900SS. The fearless Impostor. Marrajo, a creature from the depths. The indestructible Gonzo. Baula, the beautiful, chubby girl. The naked Trimotoro. Mononoke quietly watching from the woods. Malo Bueno, a masked villain with steely eyes. A ram-horned Winning Loser. Chupito, a Tequila Slammer. La Sal del Diablo.

These are bikes of dreams, and nightmares. El Solitario.

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