Michael, Michael, Motorcycle…

What does a kid that would go crazy at the sight of a motorcycle grow up into? A Mike Woolaway, that’s who.


Growing up a self proclaimed dyslexic, he wasn’t recognized for his talents in the typical way. Though at school he would often excel at hands on things like metal shop, it was his personality and where he was that made the difference. Living only a few blocks away from Mert Lawwill with his track, and having his dad take him to the races at Sears Point and Laguna Seca he was bound to get himself into mischief on the track and in the workshop. So after school he would work on old cars, vintage cars. And do racing when he could. Motorcycle racing. But he didn’t just stick to one type. Flat track, Enduro, Grand National, desert racing and road racing. He clearly wasn’t to bad at anything hands on.


I guess being a bit of a wanderer, what does he do next? Get himself into submarines. And then the movie business. Working on models for movies first, he then got himself a pretty damn good name as a gaffer. Since he met the love of his life there too, motivation was high. With a keen eye for detail, lighting was second nature to him, and a place he still has his hands in.


But that’s clearly not enough for him. As he did with his own, he was heavily into taking a good bike and making it into something better. So he started building bikes for the people he met. That is, celebrities. These people would want beautiful bikes, so he made them for them. Speakeasy is where it was at, and still is.


And not finally for sure, Deus Ex Machina. Of course when business savvy and guru of culture Dare Jennings and his crew wanted to expand the amazing idea that is Deus, they found Michael, Michael, Motorcycle. Their deus ex machina for the US per se.
With an amazing eye for incorporating old with new, truly customizing a ride to the rider, and creating something both beautiful and functional, he has been a huge cog in driving Deus to the name it is.


Although every bike he makes at Deus loses money for them, the loses are a great contribution to us, the world of motorcycling. Every bike he makes has brought Deus to the forefront, and is inspiration to many. Follow him here to see what he’s up to now.


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