Garage Scrap…

The Pantah 500 is where the current line of Ducati V twins began. It showed that a twin can race against the fours and win. And this garage build is no exception.


Hermann Köpf of Craftrad magazine built this from spare parts he had lying around the garage or could salvage.


The Pantah came onto the market in 1980 with the engine using belt driven camshafts like on the final 500GP engine version. Although they lacked bottom end and mid range torque they revved freely, and a change to higher flow items, and lowered the gearing a gave a good performance increase. On this one, Hermann switched the exhaust to a two-into-one Conti Sport system, and the airbox for foam air filters.


The fuel tank is a replica of one of the legendary Mike Hailwood’s, and has been chopped and welded to fit the frame. The seat base is a skateboard deck with the rear frame looped to match the curve of the board.


The wiring has been routed through the frame to a small Lithium-ion battery under the tank. This is a legal bike, though barely, so there are lights and small turn signals up front and back. For a neutral riding position, rearsets and Tommaselli MX handlebars have been added.


The suspension, wheels and brakes have been replaced for performance with Showa upside-down forks, a 17-inch wheel and Brembo brake setup from a Ducati Monster and an 18-inch rear wheel from a Pantah SL. Pirelli’s dual-sport MT60/MT90 tires were chosen for all round grip.


The paint was left as is, with a bunch of stickers slapped on finishing the ‘hand-craftsmanship’. Garage scrap, turned into racer.


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