Waxing Racer…

Barbour has given the new Triumph Thruxton R some of their own fine treatment.


Down & Out Cafe Racers created the ‘BIT2′ as it has been designated, and is naturally a subtle take on the stock bike. The sound of the 1200cc engine has been refined with a pair of lightly baffled reverse megaphones. The factory option fairing was not quite what the team was looking for, so they went for a custom made classical bikini version rolled from aluminium complete with a trimmed bubble screen to tuck behind.


Behind the fairing is a brushed metal tank secured with a jacket belt from Barbour’s clothing line. Further back lays a clean cafe seat and tail that has been upholstered in their own waxed cotton. To the right of the fairing is a classic style headlight to allow race numbering on the front.


Although the bulky electronics and wiring on the Thruxton have been maintained, custom-made switchgear was made to hide this and keep accentuate the classic feel. In addition, the clipons have been flipped and the dials lowered to create an even more aggressive riding position.


The Ohlins USD forks now contain Firestone Deluxe Champion tyres, and the bodywork has been finished off in subtle gold stripes that run all the way down to the hand-rolled aluminium tail.


The bike in all its glory was unveiled at the Bike Shed London 2016.


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