Bud’s Trophy…

In 1955 Bud Ekins won the Catalina Grand Prix on a Triumph Trophy. Johnson Motors, or JoMo Racing, going back to the 1940s started sponsoring their own riders, including the legendary Bud Ekins.


JoMo Racing returned to the market in 2009 as Johnson Motors Inc. This modified Triumph Scrambler has had the JoMo treatment in memory of Bud.Unlike the stock bike, this one is smooth and sleek, with little chrome or light clusters.


The twin-cylinder 270° crank 865cc engine gets a raw cast aluminum engine covers with extra finning and a cut-away sprocket cover. In replacement of the bulky stock Scrambler exhaust is a unique to modern bikes, left mounted exhaust system with double megaphone.


Wide moto handlebars from Desert Fox end in classic dirtbike grips, while a race-style number plate is in front with a tiny 2″ Lazerstar headlight peeping through. The rear lights are distinctly discrete too.


15″ dual spring Progressive shocks raise the rear up, and the wire wheels are wrapped in knobbies fit for the desert.


The bike is finished off in a classic looking orange and cream paint job with Bud Etkins wins listed on the right side cover. Throwbacks to classics like this more and more common but this is one fine example.


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