A beautiful bootneck…

The Norton Commando was one of the last of the great British bikes to hold its ground before the Japanese invasion.


Originally the engine evolved from a 500cc to the 750s and 830s it ended with. The frame used was more rigid than the previous featherbed, with this, suspension improvements and racing experience made it quite a competitor.


Chris John, Josh Steele, and Caleb Matthiesen bring this 1972 Commando Scrambler back to life.


Run out of Vintage Steele in Vermont, this bike has been fitted with the more reliable 1970 engine after a full teardown. The fuel tank comes from a 1976 Honda CB400 Four, and the rear frame loop has been shortened to align with the new clean and purposeful seat.


A headlight housing has come from an old Honda Black Bomber along with an intergraded speedometer, and tracker bars have been added. The wiring harness has been completely recreated and simple small indicators installed to make it street legal.


The suspension has been replaced but maintains the vintage look with Progressive rear shocks and fork springs in the front.


This is one bike that you can comfortably ride around town or head out to the fire roads with and enjoy the rich, deep hum or the engine.


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