The New and the Old…

Jeff Palhegyi has spent most of his bike building life on cruisers and concept bikes but just last year worked on an amazing dirt tracker creation based on an XS650. This year he has created a new concept bike for Yamaha from this experience.


The new “DT-07” concept is based on the MT-07 that I have written previously about under Shinya Kimura’s Zero creation, and would be a wanted addition to the family to compete with the likes of the Ducati Scrambler.


Jeff’s original is a heavily tuned by Mototech USA 750cc engine, sitting in a Mule Motorcycles frame, double walled-exhaust, YZF-R6 sportbike forks, custom Racetech shocks, custom bodywork, 19” Jupiter rims, Brembo master cylinders and calipers, and Goodyear dirt track rubber. An amazing creation.


His concept bike has been given similar flair. Essentially rebuilding everything from scratch, it started with the engine. The MT-07 parallel-twin engine has excellent low- to mid-range torque which is perfect for off-road and dirt track, and has now been “race-tuned”. A special exhaust system has been created by Graves Motorsports.


The frame was purpose built for this one-off bike, with modified R6 right side up fork up front, and a new swingarm with an adjustable pivot and link system with an Ohlins rear shock out back. The dirt track styled wheels have been provided by Propulsion Labs.


The body work, like Jeff’s original, has been cleanly designed, but is now one piece. Starting with the MT-07s tank cover as the basis for the body mold then fine-tuning and extending the lines. It was then finished off in 60th Anniversary race livery colours.


This is said to be Yamaha’s interpretation of what a dirt tracker designed from the ground up in 2015 should look like. If this is the case, Yamaha need to be preparing to put this into production right now.


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