A Bike of the Ages…

The humble Honda CX500 came to us decades ago with innovations common now days but with look and feel that was and still is of its own.


Eastern Spirit Garage in Poland has now produced another classic cafe CX500. They produced their first around three years ago, and the new one is more refined and beautiful than the first.


This 1978 bike has had it’s engine has been serviced and tuned and a new cam chain and tensioner fitted for good measure. Cone style filters have been added to the intake while the exhaust headers have been fabricated from an acid-resistant, high alloy stainless steel. Although shaped similar to the originals, they now end in black reverse cone mufflers.


The sloping position of the tank seen often on these type of bikes has been leveled out along with the tank being gently reshaped. The new rear subframe and tank blend smoothly together and end in a classic humped cafe seat. A two-up seat has also been designed and can be swapped out within a few minutes.


Overall, the bike has been lowered by around 80 millimeters. With the forks and shocks reconditioned and stiffened, you can now be more aggressive in the corners and noticeably feel the improved handling due to the lowered center of gravity.


The forks now are held by a new triple tree, and smaller gauges and a simple top panel to house the lights clean up the front end. All the cables, wiring, brakes, and hoses have been replaced to finish off the mechanical work.


Finally, the simple but beautiful black and white paintwork complete the transformation. It’s a classic bike, with a clean design, and modern touches.


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