Riding the world on a beauty queen…

When creating a bike for the long haul, a cafe racer is not the first type of bike that comes to mind. But Paolo Pirozzi doesn’t think that way. He plans to go around the world by bike, in just 15 days, on a Ducati cafe racer.


The bike started as a 2007 Ducati SS1000DS, but then Cafe Racer Napoli put their hands on it. They started by stripping down the entire bike back to the bare bones. The chassis, engine, and just about every other part was modified before it was meticulously reassembled. The electrics were revised and rewired, and electronics optimized for reliability over outright power for the trip. Then a classic fairing, seat and tail section were added before finishing it of in a beautiful matte black and gold paint.


The bike is called Sofia, in homage to the great actress Sophia Loren. Paolo Pirozzi is of Naples and intentionally used local shops for his bike and the race around the world. His trip is taking him from Naples to Lisbon, Miami to Portland, then from Vladivostok through Moscow and all the way back his hometown.


Averaging 1500 kilometers a day on what could be considered a beauty queen is a task that most riders wouldn’t even think of, let alone attempt.


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