A modern muscle car-style bike. The Sportster in its heyday was known as a muscle bike. Although technological leaps from the 70s onwards slowly pushed it from its throne, it still has potential to be a real muscle bike as has been proven again and again, Mule Motorcycles to name just one.


Bull Cycles based in Chicago took a 2007 Nightster and decided to bring out the muscle again, with a little cafe flair.


Justin Powers chose a 2007 model to utilize the reliability of a fuel injected 1200cc engine. The tank has been subtly sectioned out and it’s lines refined to allow the relatively high-riding stock tank to sit low on the engine. This also required the fuel pump to be repositioned. To allow room for a lower profile tyre and a 180 rear rim, they eliminated the belt drive and swapped it out for a chain.


There are lots of little details that make up the difference, and although subtle by themselves, bring a big change to the overall look and feel of the bike. The rear sees a cafe-inspired tail unit was fabricated from scratch, as have the side panels. The front brings an LED projector headlight housed in a futuristic flat nacelle designed by Bull Cycles. The tracker bars are mounted under the top triple tree and resemble some sort of cafe-tracker hybrid look.


It is finished in a flat anodized silver with black accents and is definitely a bike that would stand out in the traffic.


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