Minsk. A maker you don’t hear much about but with a long history. After WW2, DKW Auto Union documents were taken back to the USSR and Minsk Motorcycle were born.


This single cylinder 125cc masterpiece has been built by Yuri Shif Custom from Belarus. A client asked him to use a 1988 Minsk M1NSK MMVZ 3.227 and turn it into a rocket ship.


The engine has been overhauled and rebuilt then tuned to get maximum output from the small 125cc unit. The exhaust is hand fabricated and a Mikuni TM38 carb was used for intake. The frame was swapped for on from its older brother the Minsk R250 then heavily modified.


The tank, fairing, front fender and tail unit were all fabricated in-house. The front fork and the brakes were also taken the R250 and rear shock replaced, the wheels stolen from a Megelli Motard and mounted with 110/80-17 tires.


The headlight was kept stock while clip-ons were added, to get a cafe riding position, the peg mounts were repositioned. This creation is one of beauty and performance.


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