Freedom & Youth…

Lorenzo Buratti had a vision for his daughter and himself. A bike the 17-year-old could learn to ride on and something that he could scramble in the woods with. He took a SWM 320TL trials bike and turned it into not only something beautiful, but something quite capable to escape the world with.


SWM, Speedy Working Motors, was a Milan-based motorcycle manufacturer in the ’70s and ’80s that used small Sachs engines and then later Rotax engines off-road machines.


The 320TL is a trials machine with a 280cc Rotax engine. Buratti decided to keep the frame and engine with its original patina, but refurbished and painted the exhaust. The tank comes from a Motobecane Enduro bike that he found at a swap meet. In true Italian style, the air filter cover was fashioned from an old tomato can.


The rear fender comes from the front of a Kawasaki Z900 that Buratti has cut and shaped with a hand grinder. The forks were polished and like the gas tank, The front fender, handlebar, grips, levers and lights were all finds at swap meets.


As he owned the bike originally, and used whatever parts were available to him, it was a cheap and relatively easy creation to put together. But what he created is something both easy enough for a beginner to ride, and utilitarian enough to strap a pack to and escape into the woods with.


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