Cafe Piglet…

With the release of the Harley Street, Harley Davidson Europe started the Battle of The Kings competition, pitching dealers against each other in a custom bike build-off.


From the mountains of Austria, this entry has arose.


Ex-race bike mechanic, Gregor Malleier, and apprentice, Fabian Weber, of H-D Innsbruck wanted this to be a relatively affordable and quick customization. So they set themselves a budget of €4,000 for parts and workshop hours to 50.
A triple tree from Free Spirits and 19″ Dyna front wheel have been added at the front. The forks were then lowered and fork gaiters removed for a clean look. The rear wheel has also been swapped out, for a 17″ wheel from the Softail Cross Bones. They were able to keep the stock Street 750 pulley after some modification. With the increase of the front wheel from 17″ to 19″ and rear from 15″ to 17″ the bike’s stance has changed significantly.


The engine hasn’t been touched but a new screw-mountable muffler has been craftily added to the standard exhaust headers creating compact, stealth-like appearance. The rear fender has been widened and shortened to match the larger wheel, and a discreet LED strip fitted.


A custom seat was built on top of the stock seat pan while the ignition lock and horn have been moved out of sight. Small details like drilling out of the mid controls and pegs and wiring harness repositioned clean up the lines of the bike.
Lastly the new triple trees and repositioning of the fairing have allowed the speedo to be hidden, and the addition of clip-ons finished the customization.


As a relatively cheap design exercise and promotion, I think that this Austrian creation is spot on.


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