The New Zero…

From a legend who changed custom chopper scene, we have a futuristic cafe.   Famous for his samurai chopper creations at Zero Engineering, Shinya Kimura left his company and setup Chabott Engineering in California.    ‘Faster Son’ is based on a Yamaha MT-07 and built for Yamaha Europe. Shinya’s first large bike was a DT-1, then he has had several SR400s, SR500s, and XT500s since then, so his connection to Yamaha is long and intimate.    The new middleweight 700cc roadster is a strange choice for a builder who has focused on classic bikes and designs. But, I his own words, “Respecting old design and assimilating it, and then creating something new, should be the way to go for those who create and build today, including me.”    His goal, to mix modern technology with vintage style, bringing together the Yamaha of old and today into one bike. He hasn’t released details of exactly what he did to the bike mechanically but you can see a lot of time has gone into fabricating tins, faring, seat and fenders to merge the future with the past. The green hints on the tank hints at the early XS650s going back almost half a century ago.    It was revealed at the Wheels & Waves festival in France, and it’s unique metalwork and design caught the attention of many. The bike is clearly for riding with function and form moulding together in its fenders, mirrors, exhaust, and instrumentation. And it sits on grippy Pirelli Phantom Sportscomp tires.    Looking forward to seeing further innovative creations from Chabott Engineering.  

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