Born in the Desert…

Starting with a 1977 BMW R100/7, Mark set out to convert this road bike into a scrambler fit for the Scram Africa. A desert race for classic and neoclassic bikes organized by FUEL SCRAM.


The tank comes from a BMW R27. It’s 17 litres capacity allows for the long stages of the Scram Africa. The original oil pan was swapped for a more robust and narrow one allowing getting more clearance. The exhaust pipe is handmade with the pipes high on the right side ending in a modified Ural muffler.


The subframe was also handmade and the seat designed for the bike. The high seat and rear rack gives an old enduro look and practicality at the same time. Fenders both front and rear are new. A front end from a Suzuki DR650 was used with its 21” wheel. The forks geometry was adjusted and the rear shocks replaced for a set of longer Ohlins vintage rear shocks.


A compass was added the top of the tank for navigation. Then a classic trial front light, analogue speedometer, 70’s enduro handlebars, Oury grips, and off road footpegs were added.


The tires are a mix of a rear Maxxis Maxxcross and a Pirelli Scorpion MX on the front to give traction in really deep sand and mud. A special tubeless system called Nuetech Tubliss, this allows for two different pressure zones inside the tire itself. This increases tire stability and eliminates pinch flats. In turn, this allows you to run very low tire pressure for massive gains in traction and a much plusher ride.


Mark and the bike finished the 2.000km trip through the sand and dunes with no damage.


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