Contemporary Cafe…

The Yamaha XJR400 is a nice bike, but never stood out from the crowd. The XJR1300 (and previous XJR1200) has had a lot of press and builds done to it, the Deus XJR-X build is just one that comes to mind, but it’s little brother is also a good solid bike for customization.


Although exports were limited, the XJR400 is a nice cheaper option. Australian builders Ellaspede decided to take that route for one of their customers.


Taking cues from their previous builds, they started by removing the bulky air box and adding BMC pods, the stock carbs were then re-jetted, headers wrapped, and a new Supertrap muffler installed. To drop the revs down a bit, the front cog was changed for a 1-tooth-up unit.


A custom vinyl clad seat was then made just long enough to allow two-up riding but keeping a cafe look. Out back a custom rear guard was made with with a plate relocation bracket and LED taillight, then some small frame modifications and rewiring cleaned up the details.


At the front, clip-ons and a new Acewell gauge were used, and the headlight lowered to give the bike a more aggressive face. Lastly, to create a consistent finish, parts were powder coated, painted and polished. The final creation is a modern take on a cafe racer.


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