The old Honda XL600 is a good platform for just about any type of build. Being produced in mostly the same form for around 15 years, with both on and off road versions means that a variety of parts are fairly easy to come by. The air-cooled, dry-sump thumper engine is pretty much bulletproof, and comes with a 5-speed transmission and kickstart. It’s one drawback was, it’s never been the prettiest bike in the pack.


Thierry Coup decided to change that and build a clean street tracker from it.


He replaced the tank with one from an XR500. The rear subframe is custom built, as was the seat on top of it. This opened up the back for a for a proper tracker look. The exhaust was put together using a muffler from a Kawasaki cruiser, while the original 43mm forks were shortened and an XR250 rear shock replaced the stock one. This dropped the ride a couple of inches making it more suitable for the street.


It runs on 18″ rims front and rear that were junkyard specials. They were powder-coated black and laced up with Buchanan’s stainless spokes then mounted with a pair of IRC tyres. The headlight comes from a Harley Sportster and includes the distinctive “brow”. Mounted at the top of the triple tree, it keeps the front clean like the lines of the rest of the bike.


Although built several years ago, it’s still a nice example of what you can do with a capable bike, some skill, and a few random parts.


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