The Next Chapter…

For the release of “On Any Sunday, The Next Chapter”, Red Bull and Roland Sands Design put together a modern desert sled. One that looks like it jumps from the pages of yesteryear but can jump as good as any bike in the Supercross.


Although modern day MX bikes are faster, have longer suspension, electric starters, fuel injection, and are covered in plastic, their core has stayed true the the motocrossers of old. Strip off the plastics and the soul, although green, is revealed.


They started out with a 2015 KTM 450 SX-F, the frame was left stock, but almost every other part was either fabricated or replaced with select off-the-shelf parts. Aaron Boss started with hand fabricating the aluminum gas tank, then moved to a chromoly subframe, then made the aluminum side panels and number plates. The fenders are actually repops of a 1974 Husqvarna. The basics were finished off with a handmade seat from the Bitchin Seat Company.


Only the engine’s input and outtake were changed with the help of a one-off custom titanium exhaust from FMF and a K&N air filter and breather. The suspension and brakes were modified with RaceTech and Taw Performance kits, and the bike now rides on Excel A60 rims and Dunlop tyres.


The bike was made in commemoration of legendary Kurt Caselli, an AMA, WORCS and ISDE champion and Dakar Rally competitor, his preferences were built into the bike. These included handlebar bend, grips, pegs and wheels, and a custom, thinned-out brake lever as specified by Kurt’s long time mechanic, Anthony Di Basilio. After adding a skidplate by Enduro Engineering, Airtrix finished off the classic paint job. And a new desert sled was born.


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