Desert Point…

Marco Di Marcello turned this Honda Dominator into something you would expect from an established custom shop.  His adventure into the art of bike building started on a trip to Desert Point in Indonesia. He stumbled on a photo shoot Deus Ex Machina was doing and was inspired by their bikes. The idea was get the best bang for his buck.    He chose an early year Dominator to have a kickstart. With the help of a friend, Marco then, step by step turned this into a beautiful custom. The original bodywork of the bike has been completely removed. The rear frame cut and rebuilt it to fix a new custom seat. Then the modified frame was sandblasted and repainted black. All the electrical system of the bike was torn out and replaced. The fenders are hand sanded aluminum. New rear shocks were added and the front forks shortened. The hubs were restored and laced up to Excel 18/19 inch rims with chrome spokes. Trial tyres from Shinko were eventually chosen over Continentals. Galassetti of Rome produced the custom muffler, while a Bates-replica headlight, new speedo, and Renthal bars finish up the front. CRIArt painted the bike in blue metal flake, pastel gray and black. Find more of me on Facebook and Instagram.

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