Back In black…

This is the story of 1978 Honda CB750 that was brought back from the dead. It came back, and it came back in black.


Samuel Guertin of Clockwork Motorcycles near Montréal in Canada, by request from a customer, resurrected the bike into a leaner, meaner, blacker 750. The engine wouldn’t kick over, the heads were damaged, random screws were holding it together. But this thing has nine lives. So the engine was stripped down and the rebuilding began.


The heads were resurfaced, valve seats cut and a new guide installed. It was put back together with a 836cc Wiseco big-bore kit, SuperFlow valves, racing springs, heavy duty studs and a performance camshaft. Then a set of Keihin CR29 carbs and four-into-two headers were added.


The front forks and brakes come from a Suzuki GSX-R1000, a custom aluminum front hub and top triple tree were machined specially by Devin at Cognito Moto to mount them. Hagon shocks were installed out back and a pair of 18” wheels with stainless steel spokes completed the ride performance upgrades. The thing now rides and stops well for an old CB750.


Samuel trimmed the rear of the frame and added a new loop, he decided to keep the CB’s stock oil tank but used a one-off brushed metal side cover.  The tank had its badges shaved and a custom seat was made and wrapped in black leather along with the grips, shift lever and kick starter.


Samuel rewired the entire bike, installing a new electronic ignition, high output coils and switch gear. A smaller headlight and turn signals, LED taillight, clip-ons and new foot pegs finished off the build before paint. The bike was then broken down and just about every component has been finished in either gloss, satin or matte black. The final creation is a refined, dark beast with modern performance but classic looks.


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