Putting the Vincent in a Yamaha…

This bike is real hybrid of parts. The base is a Yamaha XV1100, with a Norton replica exhaust, a tank from a 750, Harley carbs, custom parts from around the world, and it’s trying to be a Vincent. It’s garage-built modern retro.

Greg Hageman of Doc’s Chops built this for a customer he met on the road. Very little has been left alone on this ride. The customer had restored a Vincent back in the 70s, and wanted something like it again. A looker and a rider, something he could take coast-to-coast if he decided to.

The long wheelbase of the XV1100 provides a smooth and comfortable ride, but a little more sportiness was needed. So Greg removed some of the original rake and added rearsets for a more central riding position. He then raised the rear and lowered the front and the handling improved dramatically.

For more bottom end torque the stock Hitachi carbs were removed and a 2-into-1 intake with a Harley 40mm CV carb was added. After the 2-1 with Norton Commando replica muffler was installed and tuned to match, power delivery was where it needed to be.

The tank is a modified Yamaha 750 unit, the frame was modified and sidecovers custom fabricated. Norman Hyde M bars we’re added with an Acewell speedo, and the custom-made seat ends in a Lucas Replica taillight. It was finished off with a black with gold pinstripe paint job by Moe Colors.

The end result is something that could’ve been designed decades back but with the comforts and sportiness of a recent creation.

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