Three in one…

Kawasaki W800s, as with the W650s before, are a great custom platform. Simple, reliable, with a nice engine.


Italian shop Moto Di Ferro Motorcycles, run by Marco Lugato, selected it for their latest project. Marco is an ex-racer who started building bikes in 2004. In 2010, he opened a shop in the heart of Venice.

Raw, utilitarian, pragmatic.


The stock W800 weighs 216kg, as part of the process they stripped it down to a respectable 183kg.

Raw in nature – stripped back to just aluminum and leather with a hand-crafted tank and distressed brown leather seat.

Utilitarian by design – hand built 18” wheels at both ends with fabricated wider triple trees to accommodate the change. Suspension at both ends is Ohlins shocks and front cartridges with adjustable preload.

Pragmatic in creation – hand built two-into-one exhaust, air filters, custom side covers, fenders, handlebars, clock and lights.


Di Ferro are producing limited numbers, but decided not just to make a scrambler, a tracker and bobber are available too.


The tracker has a classic, machined aluminum tail and tank. Slender and agile for the road. The bobber has a shorter rear fender, curved tank, extra-large tires, and a Supertrapp muffler, for straight forward speed.

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