Thing of beauty…

When the Kruz Company found the bike, it was just pieces in boxes. A basket case of missing parts and a broken engine. But what they were looking at was a bike developed to win endurance events in its time. The Oss 24 hours, the Barcelona 24 hours, Le Mans. And it won them, with 1-2-3 podium finishes. They’d found a Laverda SF 750.


Arguably, the Italian bike is one of the most beautiful and fastest bikes of the 70s, Kruz wanted to do something special with it. Cafe racers have been made from these, but a scrambler?


After looking the parts over, they kept the frame original and worked from there. The tank has been donated from a CB750 and worked to fit into the frame. The engines of Laverdas were built to be indestructible. But after years of neglect, the strong parallel twin cylinder engine needed a rebuild, as did the brakes. But from then on everything was custom built for the bike.


A new 2-in-1 exhaust was created with clean and purposeful lines. New wiring routed, electronic ignition, and a GPS speedo. The front end is built by Kruz, and performs exactly how it should. The fenders and side plates were fabricated, and the seat built in the way of a scrambler. Then racks and bags were created to add utility.


And what was made is a thing of beauty.

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