The Unknown Contender…

For a bike that didn’t get a chance to leave Japan’s shores, or have a reasonable production run, the Honda VRX is a fairly light, simple, and effective package – it has a taut frame, water-cooled 400cc v-twin, upright riding position, and a clean look similar to a Harley Sportster. It’s the sort of bike that you’d expect to see on today’s market, but it was released 20 years ago.


Jez from La Busca Motorcycles saw this in the bike and decided to have fun with it.


Although the engine is water-cooled, Honda did a good job of hiding things so work focused on the exhaust. The mufflers were replaced with turned-down slash cuts. The front and rear fenders were chopped, and an under-fender taillight and blacked out indicators added. The front fork internals were rebuilt, and new Progressive shocks added out back to smooth out the bumps. A Bates-style headlight replaces the stock one.


Stripped back and clean was the direction. So the stock seat and some of the chrome had to go. The upper fork tubes were blacked out, gators added, and the modified exhaust was wrapped. Then a donor seat off a Harley Streetbob was bolted on. Lastly, Full Bore RT Sport “semi-knobbies” give a purposeful stance to the bike. And the “El Cangrejo” was born.


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