Walkers and Riders…

Daryl lost his brothers chopper a while back…so what is Daryl’s new ride?
A highly modified 1992 Honda CB750.
Apparently, Norman Reedus introduced The Walking Dead production staff to Classified Moto for the build. The CB750 was the first bike to be called a “Superbike”, and Classified Moto have used this as a base for several builds before, so mechanically it was easy, going post-apocalyptic on it was the hard part.
The CB750 Nighthawk got a donor front end off a Yamaha YZF-R6, including the brakes and wheel. The tank is a reproduction XS650 unit. The intakes are one-offs milled units, with a modified stock exhaust. Out the back are twin Progressive Suspension 970 piggyback shocks.
The two-up seat is simple, with a beautifully raw rack for Daryl’s crossbow behind it. Under the seat, a tiny Shorai Power Lithium Ion battery is used to save space, so a waxed canvas bag can hang for any goodies you need for after the apocalypse. Big knobby Kenda dirt bike tires for good off-road handling and an aggressive look.
This bike was meant to have been cobbled together from bikes and parts left rusting in the apocalypse for years. Paint, sanding, stripping, dents, oxidization, steel wool, vinegar, and rust powder mimic wear and tear over the years.
See more of it in The Walking Dead episodes to come.
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