Back to the Dirt…

The Burly Brand Scrambler build, like an increasing number of custom Sportsters, brings the bike back to its origins, a bare-bones, on/off-road, all purpose bike.


It started life as a 2006 Harley XL883. David Zemla of Burly Brand set out to  transform this ride. Starting with the suspension, the front end was dropped two inches and higher-rate fork springs added. At the rear, 15” Burly Stiletto shocks give plenty of travel, ground clearance, and give the chassis a more aggressive stance. A skateboard wheel on a custom made spring arm is used as a idler wheel to ensure tension and avoid clearance issues.
The Sporty engine doesn’t need much when you’re looking to get it dirty. But pipe clearance is needed off-road so RSD Carbon Ops pipes were added and a V&H air intake with tuning to refine the power delivery. Four piston PM calipers deliver the stopping power. The rear struts were cut and a pre-bent hoop was welded on. David hand built the seat pan flat for easy change of positioning while riding off-road.
A headlight guard, skid plate, and rear rack were added not only giving the look, but true utilitarianism. Clean, simple fenders finish off the body work while Continental TKC80 tires front and rear give the traction you need to lay down the power.
There should be more Sportys like this.
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