“A northerly wind that blows over the Pyrenees on the border of France and Spain. “

Ever since the Triumph Scrambler was released, riders have been taking it off-road, but then realizing how little it was designed for anything but on-road performance.

And then came the Tramontana.


The engineers who designed and tested the Tramontana are none other than the Triumph factory chassis tuners.

By repositioning the rear suspension mounts, lengthening the swing arm, and changing the forks and triple trees, the chassis geometry was developed to provide predictable rear-wheel drifting.


The fork stroke was increased by 4 inches, and the rear wheel stroke by 3 inches.
Lightweight 17/21 aluminum spoke wheels were added, handlebars, riders, pegs and other parts were all swapped out for lighter aluminum parts. A staggering 39kgs was dropped from the bike in total.


But as much as the bike has been modernised, it looks more classic than the original factory model.


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