Brilliant Backyard Build…

You could mistake this for the winningest dirt track motorcycle racer ever – the Harley XR750


  But it’s not. Peter Koren built this from an abandoned 2003 Ducati 900 GTS.


His aim, “To build it as if it came out of the Ducati factory.” This is the same philosophy I have.

He sat down in the sun and sketched out the details, the budget was set at £500.

He made a mock-up XR750 tank and seat out of polyurethane insulation foam. He then made a sand bag and cut down one of his kids’ croquet mallets to use for shaping the metal, and learnt gas welding for the aluminum. The steering angle was steepened by five degrees to get the look of the XR900 just right while his son helped with the paint.


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